Nikko Hellgrammite 3 Natural

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Nikko Hellgrammite 4.25 With all the magic of the original 3 model, the Nikko Hellgrammite 4.25 adds a little extra magic of its own with greater action through a jointed tail. New hook slot on back allows for weedless rigging and less snagging making it easier to cast into cover where the big fish are. The larger appendages flutter on the fall to entice leery fish to bite. Greater bulk allows for easier skipping. Made with same durable floating material, this bait will last and last.

Nikko Zaza Hellgrammite

Hellgrammite – The Hook Up Tackle

Nikko Hellgrammite 3 Just like the real thing, fish just can’t pass these ultra realistic baits up. Both largemouth and smallmouth love these baits, as do large crappie as well. When the bite is tough, up your game and throw one of these to get those pressured fish on the end of your line. You’ll go through a lot of fish before the bait gives out. Like all of Nikko's baits, completely free of plastisols, environmental hormones and other toxins.

Nikko Hellgrammite 3 Green Pumpkin

Hellgrammite - Mudbug (#547) – Nikko Fishing

Hellgrammite – 412 Bait Company & Scared Fishless Tackle Company

4 baits per pack. Nikko's 3 hellgrammites exquisitely mimic and accentuate real hellgrammites on a whole new level. A full-body, natural seductive

NIKKO HELLGRAMMITE 3 - Obsidian Scented Floating Durable Artificial Fishing Bait

NIKKO Zaza hellgrammite Artificial Fishing baits, Green Pumpkin, 3

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Hellgrammite - Junebug (#545)